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Vnlla UHC is basically Ultra Hardcore mode run on the Vnlla server; & run by the PvP Staff.

UHC is a Hardcore Survival Gamemode that Vnlla has now had for over 1 year. A UHC differs to Survival Minecraft in that the UHC is on Hardcore Mode and you DO NOT regen health naturally. You MUST make Gold Apples or Health Potions to recover health. With Vnlla UHC's both Regen potions and Tier 2 Potions are disabled. You must try to survive 6-30 other PvP ready Players trying to kill you, along with all of the other standard Minecraft elements!

Rounds happen weekly, usually on a Friday night (EST), and Special UHC Events run occasionally. All information regarding UHC Rounds are posted in the Forum's General Section 3 to 4 days prior to the UHC's start date.

Special UHC’s are Rounds of a UHC that may be for a specific event, date, person or theme. There is no formal set time for the Special UHC Events, however many do happen on the same night as the Oficial UHC. Some special UHC’s include Admin VS Players, Dragon Rush, Anniversary UHC, & Holiday Themed UHCs. These are just a few of the Special UHC’s Vnlla hosts.


    ALL PvP Server Rules apply here.

  1. Do NOT use Hacked Clients or X-Ray texture packs!
  2. Do NOT sky base or build up into the sky, it will result in a disqualification!
  3. Do NOT cross team (Team with other teams or teaming with other people in a solo round)
  4. You CAN truce with other players (truceing is where you see a player but leave them and run away, no one can benefit from it)
  5. Strip mining is NOT allowed!
  6. Do NOT log out while in combat, upon logging in you will be killed!

    NOTE:Multiple offences may result in a ban!

  7. Once you die in the game, do NOT give away information about the game!

    NOTE: GG is allowed but anything else about the game is STRICTLY forbidden!

  8. Teamspeak users MUST move to the spectator channel once you die!
  9. You can also read a Forum copy of the rules, Here.

    If you have any questions, please ask a admin for help during the UHC game.