Vnlla Survival Teams

On the Survival Server, there are a few different Teams, represented by the color of your player name on the scoreboard, to help differentiate certain players from others. The Teams include the the Default Team, the VIP Teams, the Donor Team, the Moderator Team, & finally, the Administrator Team.

Default Team

The Default Team is just the standard Team for Vnlla. It allows a player to have just a single Home Set, along with all of the other standard /commands we offer on Vnlla. This is the Team that you are put into when you first start exploring the world after joining for the first time. The Default Team does NOT give you a reserved server place, so you CAN be kicked for a player from another Team to join.

VIP Teams

The VIP Teams are special Teams reserved for those players who want to help support the server through Voting or Donating.


The most basic form of the VIP is obtained by Voting for the Vnlla Survival Server 25 Times per month. When you become a member of the VIP Team, you will receive a few perks. The 1st & arguably the most beneficial perk is the ability to set a 2nd Home. To set a 2nd Home on the server you need to type in /sethome 2. Then, to be able to travel to your 2nd Home Set, you just need to type in /home 2. Finally, VIP Team members recieve the Green colored name on the scoreboard.


One step above the VIP Team is the VIP2 Team. If you are an older member of Vnlla, you will recognize this team as a type of our old Veteran Team, however when Vnlla went back to its "roots" in 1.11, we decided to remove this team and replace it with the VIP2 Team. The VIP2 Team also holds a 3rd Home and to be able to set it it is also /sethome 3. Just like with the VIP2 Team, you access this Home by typing in /home 3. The VIP2 Team also allocates a reserved spot on the Vnlla Survival Server for you, which will kick a player who is not at least a part of the VIP Team from the server, so you can sign on. Finally, you do get to have a colored name as a member of the VIP2 team, but to keep the chat from becoming too rainbow colored, it is a Green name, like the VIP Team.

Donor Team

The Donor Team is not really a Team on the server. You do NOT get any new sethomes to use on the server. The Donor Team does get a special color to their name in the chat, however it is the same color as both of the VIP Teams. It is NOT a unique color. When you Donated a total of $15.00 you will not only become a member of the Donor Team, but you will also be entitled to some of the benefits of becoming a Donor. CLICK HERE for more information regarding the perks of Donating.

Moderator Team

The Moderator Team is one of the Staff Teams. The Moderator Team is NOT a subscription based Team, unlike the VIP Team or the VIP2 Team, however, you must apply to become a part of it. We only accept applications during certain periods. This usually follows another staff member leaving. The application information can be found on the forum. This Team has the ability to /kick & /ban players from the server when it is necessary. The Moderator Team does NOT have OP, so they do NOT have the ability to teleport to a players base or to get the coordinates of a player without consent. This means that members of the Moderator Team ARE able to still PvP, raid, & grief on the Server.

Administrator Team

The Administrator Team is the Team that the Operators of Vnlla are a part of. It is once again NOT a subscription based team and also has a type of application process on the forum to become a member. Although, generally, it is only members of the Moderator Team that are selected to become members of the Administrator Team. Since the Administrator Team has OP on the server, they are NOT able to raid, grief, or PvP (without expressed consent from the player they would be fighting). The Administrator Team is generally seen as the players who are most trusted on Vnlla and you can go to them with any questions that you might have about the Server. Finally, whenever a member of the Administrator Team asks you to do something, it is in your best interest to listen to what they are requesting of you, since it is their job to enforce the Server's rules and ensure that Vnlla is as fun as possible for everyone.