PVP Server Rule List

Rule 1. Cheaters Will Not Prosper

No Hacked Clients. There is absolutely zero tolerance towards those who use hacked clients &/or glitches to give yourself an advantage over other players. A lot of work has been put into balancing the kits and arenas.

You will NOT be warned if using a hacked client, instead, you will simply just be permanently banned from the server.

Rule 2. Swing Your Sword At Your Own Pace

No Macros. You swing your sword at your own speed, with your own reflexes. Using a program that assists you in swinging your sword or raising your defenses is another major infraction.

It is not tolerated and you will NOT be warned or asked to turn it off. You will simply be permanently banned from the server. No exceptions.

Rule 3. Be Careful How Quick You Type

Do not spam the chat with quick and repetitive messages. Also, using the whisper feature to spam another's chat is also considered spamming the chat. The server is set up to auto-ban anyone who is spamming the chat too much or too quickly. Thus, you need to be careful what you say and how quickly you say it. It is really just a respectful thing to do for other players and helps keep the spirit of the game running.

Rule 4. It's Not What You Say, It Is How You Say It

We understand that this is a PVP server, and with that, we understand that people will become frustrated quicker and easier than they would on a survival server. Thus, we are more tolerant of the words said in the chat. However, spamming hurtful words is not tolerated and can lead to you being banned.

Rule 5. You Are Not A Commercial

Do not advertise on our server. You are not a commercial and we do not care what other servers you feel are awesome. Take it somewhere else.

Advertising on the server is absolutely not tolerated and will lead to an automatic ban WITHOUT warning.

Rule 6. You Are Not Worthy

Do not ask for any type of special privilege and/or moderator, operator, administrator status. Let me put it this way, if we wanted you to become staff for the server, we will ask you. You asking us is not only annoying, but also deserving of a ban.

Rule 7. Respect the Ban

If you happen to get banned from the server you can appeal on the forums, under the ban appeal section.

Do NOT sign onto an alternate account thinking that we will not notice. Your alternate accounts will also be banned, and possibly your IP as well (Have fun explaining that to your family).

Disrespecting our ban appeal process will lead to you permanently being banned.

Rule 8. Personal Information Is Personal

Do not leak the personal information of others. If you happen to be told personal information about another player, respect their privacy and do not publicly post that information for all to read. Disrespecting another player in this way can eventually lead to you being banned from the server.

Rule 9. Things Change

Simply employ common sense and do NOT exploit any loopholes in the rules. The rules ARE subject to change at any time, and, as the server evolves, will change. So, be conscious of this and check the rules periodically.