Vnlla Donation Information

We now offer Server Donations for you to help support Vnlla!

No one should feel forced or obligated to donate to the server. Additionally, our Donation Reward Packages are purely aesthetic, and DO NOT give a player any items that can be translated to an unfair advantage over players who have not donated to Vnlla.

How to Donate to Vnlla

Currently, the only method to donate to Vnlla is through 

 . In the future, we should have alternative means of donating.

How To Donate:

Number:What To Do:Additional Notes:
#1.Set Up a Paypal AccountLink is on the button above
#2Click on "Send Money" or click the "Donate" Button in the next column
#3Insert the email address in the next columnDonation Email Address:
#4Be sure to attach your In Game Name under the Comment SectionIf you do not, we will not know who sent the donation!
#5Donations of $15.00 or more will be eligible for the RewardsThere is no limit on how much you can donate or how often you can purchase the package.

The Vnlla Pack

The Vnlla Pack is a subscription-based package that gives the Donor a lot of server based perks. The package lasts for 30 days and requires a donation of $15.00 to unlock. The rewards for the user that chooses the The Vnlla Pack are listed below.

The Vnlla Pack

Number:Perk:Additional Notes:
#1Instant VIP2Lasts for a total of 30 Days, CLICK HERE for more information on the Teams
#2A Forge Item*Permanent & now with any color and a line of lore!