Server Commands

We offer a few additional commands to improve the vanilla experience.

Vnlla Survival Server Commands
/helpShows Vnlla's Help Menu
/rulesShows Vnlla's Rules
/spawnTeleport to SpawnDelay: 5 Seconds
/sethomeSet your Home(s)Cost: 5 XP Levels (/sethome 2 for both VIP & /sethome 3 for VIP2 only)
/homeTeleport to your Home(s)Cost: 5 XP Levels, Delay: 5 Seconds
/voteShows the Vote LinksReward: 5 XP levels & 2 Steak Per Vote
/tpa [Username]Requests to TP to another playerCost: 5 XP Levels Delay: 5 Seconds
/tpahere [Username]Requests a player TP to youCost: 5 XP Levels Delay: 5 Seconds
/tpyes [Username]Accepts a TPA request from another playerDelay: 5 Seconds until TP arrival
/title [on/off]Adds or Removes Title Bar above a playerUsed by Donors & VIP's when drinking invisbility potions at spawn
/statsDisplays your Vnlla StatisticsStatistics Displayed: Total Votes & Total Kills
/ignore [Username]Ignores the chat typing of a particular playerNormally lasts until the next Vnlla Spawn Restart